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Pop Up Display

The pop-up is the big brother of the roll-up display unit and goes even further to try and defy the laws of physics. They are a little bulkier when stored, at a size of approximately 500mm x 350mm x 700mm, but when open, they cover an area 3 meters wide and a little over 2 meters tall.

Pop-ups come in a range of sizes and styles, including flat walls, crescents and columns. We also supply a roller trolley case that doubles as an exhibition table which has proved very popular with our clients.

Do you have a pop up display system already and need new panels? We’re masters of new panels; there are so many systems on the market now that it can be a minefield to track down the right components to make new panels fit your system. We’ve not been beaten yet, we always find the right components, even if have to laser cut them ourselves for you, we wont let you down!

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Pop Up Display

Pop Up Display
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